ItsMyURLs for iPhone Keeps You Connected With Others Across All Apps and Platforms

ItsMyURLs for iPhone Keeps You Connected With Others Across All Apps and Platforms

It’s never been easier to find and connect with people on their profiles.

Awesome, it’s such a great tool and app for today’s social media and networking. -Front Street Management

ItsMyURLs is the only mobile app whose main purpose is to allow others to find and connect with each other on any social platform or mobile app. There is no simpler way for others to connect with one another or for them to connect with others on all of the many social media platforms available.

Having to navigate through endless social media profiles to get connected with others has now been drastically reduced by the release of ItsMyURLs for iPhone. ItsMyURLs will be releasing a version for Android in the coming weeks as well.

ItsMyURLs gives direct access to one’s online presence. It’s extremely easy to set up a profile and add app and social profiles. By integrating ItsMyURLs success from the web space into the mobile space, ItsMyURLs for iPhone has a major advantage as they have over 50 million people using their service already. The Thousands of celebrities, youtubers, stars, icons, athletes, and other influential people who use ItsMyURLs will help bring their followers to the iPhone app.

ItsMyURLs Features

  •     Add all app and social profiles easily to one ItsMyURLs profile.
  • Connect with others on every single app and social profile they have within one touch from their ItsMyURLs.
  • Follow others on ItsMyURLs to get notifications when they add a new profile to their online presence.
  • Find interesting celebrities, businesses, media platforms, and others on the “Trending Profiles” section of the app.

ItsMyURLs for iPhone takes advantage of iOS’ “Universal Links” technology which will open up the specific app for the link that’s chosen, inside that app (as long as that app is installed on your iPhone), otherwise, it will open on via the web browser. For example, by going to Hip Hop Superstar “Raekwon’s” ItsMyURLs profile, and selecting his instagram, the instagram app on your iPhone will seamlessly open up directly to Raekwon’s instagram profile.

Pricing and Availability

ItsMyURLs is available on the App Store for free. ItsMyURLs is designed for iPhone. ItsMyURLs requires iOS 7.0 or newer.

App Store Link:

Additional Information

Screenshots, icons and other related media are available for download from here:

About ItsMyURLs

ItsMyURLs connects over 50 million people to other’s social media profiles across the web and mobile space, making it the easiest way to get connected and stay connected with others.

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ItsMyURLs for iPhone® Keeps You Connected With Others Across All…

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