Watch East Oakland rapper Int’l Hay Sus’ video ‘Black Panther Rebels’ ft. Lil Dev

Int’l Hay Sus ft. Lil Dev – Black Panther Rebels (Video)

Coming straight out of East Oakland, Int’l Hay Sus drops a new video showcasing the police brutality going on in his neighborhood. The video Black Panther Rebels features Lil Dev and is directed by Jay Pusha. Read more about the video here:

East Oakland artist Int’l Hay Sús drops the powerful new music video for “Black Panther Rebels” featuring Lil Dev directed by Jay Pusha. Produced by FeezyDisABangah, Hay Sús and Dev speak on police brutality and offer their own solution to the problem. Living in the Bay Area, police scandal and violence is an ever increasing problem with current drama in both Oakland and San Francisco Police departments. “Black Panther Rebels” plays out like any other day in The East, with a trip to the store ending up in harassment from the boys in blue. Having graduated from Howard University in 2015, Hay Sús does a great job of mixing current social issues with a straight up slap.

Watch Black Panther Rebels from Int’l Hay Sus featuring Lil Dev and look out for more music coming this year.

Int'l Hay Sus ft. Lil Dev - Black Panther Rebels (Video)

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