Ikey – Roslin’s Basement (Video)

Ikey – Roslin’s Basement (Video)

As I catch up on music I missed last week, the video from Ikey should’ve been on your video playlist. Read more about why here:

With his recently-released Green Card EP, Nigerian-American rapper Ikey became a voice for first-generation Americans. In his latest video for “Roslin’s Basement,” which premiered via The Smoking Section, the D.C. artist invites us to get a glimpse of a day in his life while showing love to the ones who have been with him throughout the grind.

Cameroonian-American friend Roslin, aka Blvck Rose, produced 6 songs on Ikey’s 9-track project, and the room in his basement is where much of the music began to come to life. “The room is a meeting place for a group of friends who make or enjoy music,” Ikey explained of Blvck Rose’s basement, “sometimes we have to cram ourselves inside when all of us are present.” Although it’s not an open studio, Blvck Rose fills the room with an MPC, a keyboard, turntable, mic, and mic stand. “Musicians usually bring their own instruments to jam and create as well,” Ikey adds, as is evident with Ghanaian-American producer Prahdijay playing a guitar solo on “Roslin’s Basement.”

Check out Roslin’s Basement from Ikey below and drop a comment with your opinion of this one!

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