Howard Stern Has the Best Men’s Hair in America According to Grooming Lounge

Howard Stern Has the Best Men’s Hair in America According to Grooming Lounge

This is the second annual Best Men’s Hair Awards and as such, expanded its coverage this year to include subcategories for TV Hosts, Politicos and Sports Figures. Stern came out on top in his TV/Radio Host category, but also beat out the winners in all sub-categories to take the overall win.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, live on The Howard Stern Show, Grooming Lounge Founder Mike Gilman presented Howard Stern with his second commemorative trophy, which shows off his glorious hair.

“For the last 13 years, our now iconic shops have taken care of nothing but men’s hair – so our team knows a thing or two about guys and their locks,” said company founder Mike Gilman. “And when we asked our experienced team which celebrity has the ‘best hair’ – Howard Stern won the majority of the votes once more. There’s something special in those locks of his.”

TV/Radio Hosts:
1. Howard Stern – King of All Media and Crowned Best Men’s Hair in America for 2nd Year in a Row
2. Mike Greenberg–At 48, Greenberg’s thick dark brown hair is really “All You Could Ask For” as a middle-aged guy.
3. Jimmy Fallon – The multi-talented Tonight Show Host boasts equally versatile hair styles that always keep him looking relevant yet classic for his history-making bits.
4. Steven Colbert – Colbert’s classically conservative deep side part yet bouffant hair is the perfect compliment to the comedian’s deadpan delivery of Late Show monologues.
5. Anderson Cooper – Dubbed “the Silver Fox,” Cooper’s snowy locks add distinction and, dare we say, sex appeal to this trusted newsman’s persona.

Hollywood Stars:
1. Ben Stiller– The Grooming Lounge barbers would love to get their hands on Zoolander’s thick head of Raven hair.
2. George Clooney– Even if he wasn’t one of the sexiest men alive, this iconic salt and pepper hair would a favorite.
3. O’Shea Jackson – To play his father in Straight Outta Compton, Jackson braved an eerily accurate jerry curl, but we love his hair whether he rocks an Afro or short clean lines.
4. Leonardo DiCaprio – Barbers love how versatile this actor’s hair is, from unwashed long locks in The Revenant, to the slicked back debonair look we saw at the Golden Globes, we love how DiCaprio sets a tone with his hair.
5. Chris Hemsworth – Whether sporting long blonde locks as Thor the shorter and darker hair for In the Heart of the Sea, Hemsworth has romance novel-worthy hair.

1. Former President Bill Clinton – Reentering the limelight as a possible First Husband, Clinton’s hair has taken on a more grandfatherly tone since his Presidency but it’s still surprisingly thick for a 69 year old.
2. President Barack Obama – Despite dramatic greying over the past 7 years, the toll of the job has not brought on any noticeable thinning and the Commander-in-Chief always looks well coiffed.
3. Martin O’Malley – The lesser known of the Democratic Presidential candidates may not be leading in the polls but our barbers think his dapper hairstyle is quite commanding.
4. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – At 58, the legacy governor boasts a bounty of dark grey waves throughout his mane.
5. Senator Rand Paul – While we’ve chided the Republican Presidential candidate for the boyish tufts in the past, our barbers love his shiny ginger spirals, and while his hair’s natural color and texture lend an impish quality, it works for him.

Sports Figures:
1. Tie: Joakim Noah – Joakim’s hair is everything. We love the length, the fullness, the shine and the personality it has.
1. Tie: Bryce Harper – The powerful right fielder’s undercut is perfectly voluminous yet carefully tamed.
2. Richard Sherman – Sherman’s long dreadlocks are almost an embarrassment of riches for the elite athlete.
3. Tom Brady – It might be Giselle’s influence but Brady’s fashion-forward styles secured his place on our list.
4. Cristiano Ronaldo – Ronaldo is not afraid to add flair with his hair and our barbers appreciate that.

Voting by the Grooming Lounge’s barbers and stylists was based on a variety of criteria, including:
· Health: Hair that appears to be well taken care of, soft and strong
· Versatility: Hair that allows for a variety of handsome and different looks
· Uniqueness: Hair that is not commonplace, yet works for the owner
· Thickness & Coverage: Basically, hair that doesn’t appear to be thinning
· Hair-To-Face Ratio: Hair that makes the man’s face appear more handsome than it otherwise would.

“Stern Show recaps are often the subject of Grooming Lounge team water cooler conversations, so it is no surprise that Howard Stern topped the list again and really it just makes sense, our professionals know good hair when they see it,” explains Gilman.

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