HIP Video Promo Presents: DJ Ravi Drums Drops New Video and Single for…

DJ Ravi Drums Drops New Video and Single for “Peace And Love.”

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DJ Ravi Drums “PEACE and LOVE”

“Share the video on Social and ask 5 people to share the video or commit an act of kindness, post it and ask 5 other to either share the video or commit an act of kindness.”

DJ Ravi Drums teams up with Saint G to pen a blistering shout out to the world at large and drops his new single and video “Peace and Love.”

“At a time when the world is so divided, we are stronger and better united,” said Ravi Drums. These words, now more than ever, have a visceral resonance to them in a world torn asunder. And according to Ravi Drums, the award winning, universally reckoned DJ, producer and drummer, it’s a mantra he feels compelled to share with a troubled world.

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The video for “Peace and Love” uses a compilation of footage that shines light on some of the most iconic images of the last century to many of the current ills of the world. From the Fathers of the Peace and Civil rights movements, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, to Mother Theresa, Black Lives Matter, and slain Police officers, all the while asking the question to “WALK A MILE IN SOMEONE’S SHOES.” Throughout “Peace and Love”, Drums is featured performing in his blistering, inimitable way, but the message is cogent and clear, we need to grasp the urgency of his message and embrace it in a timely fashion.

On Wednesday, July 27th 2016, Ravi Drums and the “Peace and Love” video was featured on Michaela, a morning news program on the Headline News a CNN network. Espousing his passionate concern for the precipitous strife currently gripping the world, Drums has a vision to use music and inspire acts of kindness by launching the “PEACE AND LOVE CHALLENGE”

We are asking everyone to make a statement by:

  • Share Peace and Love video and commit an act of kindness on your social media.
  • Challenge 5 people to the same.
  • Donate (if possible) to two great causes we support Cops4 Cause and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.


100% of the proceeds donated will go two Go Fund Me campaigns inspired by what Michael Jordan recently did by donating 2 million dollars to two organizations to help create a better understanding both our Police Officers and the African American community.

Option 1: Cops4Causes fund
Options 2: NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF)

DJ Ravi Drums was born in New York and now resides in California, Drums is an impresario that exudes the swagger of a New Yorker with the erudite charm of a world traveler; his numerous musical achievements along the way are nothing short of impressive. After being discovered during the 2008 Superbowl pregame show, he went on to perform and collaborate with artists such as Quincy Jones, Slash, Foo Fighters, Will I Am, Pit Bull to name a few. Last year, he was featured as a guest soloist for Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas Residency.

Currently, Ravi Drums is working on a new television series “THE BEAT.” with Doug Ellin “Entourage” and Teri Weinberg “The Office”.

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HIP Video Promo Presents: DJ Ravi Drums Drops New Video and Single for…

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