Hip Hop Albums to Get in April

Hip Hop Albums to Get in April

If you are a music lover, there are constantly new artists to check out. Hip Hop music is on a bit of a rise in popularity. There are a lot of new artists that are switching up their sound getting a lot of new fans. Hip Hop music is something that is a part of pop culture and this style of music is not going anywhere any time soon. April is the month that a lot of music lovers have been anticipating. There are a few hip hop albums releasing this month that have already created a lot of buzz in the music and entertainment world.

Here are a few of the hip hop albums that you need to check out in April:

Views from the Six

Hip Hop Albums to Get in April views from the 6

If you love hip hop music, you are most likely a big fan of Drake. Not only is Drake one of the biggest artists in hip hop, but he is one of the biggest names in music. His past albums have all gone platinum and this new release is sure to follow that trend. This is an album that is already creating a lot of buzz and the single that has been released has climbed to the top of the charts. Drake might already have an established sound, but he is not afraid to change things up a bit. You will be able to sing along with his catchy hooks and marvel at his clever lyrics. This is one hip hop album dropping in April that you do not want to miss out on. Drake is going back to his roots with this one and it is sure to be a hit all spring and summer.

The Impossible Kid

Hip Hop Albums to Get in April aesop rock

This is the title of the album by Aseop Rock that is releasing this April. It is his second release and is one that a lot of people are excited to hear. Aseop has a really unique sound, but is known most for his lyrics. If you are someone that loves hip hop music that has a real message, this is one album that you should get. It already has created a lot of buzz and it does not come out until April 15th.

Hip hop is on its way back this summer and April is the month where you can expect a lot of really great hip hop albums to be released that will attract a lot of attention.

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