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‘Heroes Reborn’ Reboot coming this year

‘Heroes Reborn’ Reboot coming this year

For those of you who were fans of the TV series Heroes, a new reboot is on the way coming later this year. Heroes Reborn will star Zachary Levi reprising his role as Noah Bennett. The 13-episode mini series will premiere on NBC like the original, which went on for four seasons between September 2006 and February 2010.

Along with the show, comic book writer Cullen Bunn is writing an ongoing comic book continuing Heroes, called Heroes: Season Five. 

With the world now much more focused on TV series and video streaming, with the success of Netflix and Hulu Plus, it’s not coincidence to see a show like this coming back.

The show started off red-hot back in 2006 with an average of almost 14 million viewers. By the time of its cancellation on Season 4, the show’s viewers had dropped to almost 6 million. Read more on the show’s synopsis below:

A seemingly ordinary group of people who gradually become aware that they have special abilities. The story develops showing their reactions to these powers, and how this discovery affects their personal and professional lives.

Be on the lookout for the new shoe Heroes Reborn to premiere this year.

'Heroes Reborn' Reboot coming this year

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