Fresh New Hip Hop Music in the Apple ITunes Music Store

Fresh New Hip Hop Music in the Apple iTunes Music Store

#WITA “Whatever It Takes Anytime”

Anything is possible. Always work hard, but have a good time in your grind.

Whether it’s in schools, sports, or local businesses, Cincinnati’s west side neighborhoods are renowned for their hard-knock and nonstop work ethic. As a native “West-Sider,” musician Kenne Heard is tapping into his talents and his musical mantra of, “Whatever It Takes, Anytime.” Kenne, also known as Kenne Wita E, has converted his message into the hip-hop hashtag; #WITA. With this positive attitude and altruism, Kenne is releasing his debut, Whatever It Takes Anytime.

Within Whatever It Takes Anytime, Kenne Wita E treks through eight all-original tracks which encompass trap, hip-hop, dance and R&B flavored tunes and is available in the apple itunes music store. The compositions all contain his #WITA attitude and a musical message that, “Honest and hard work pays off, even if you take the time to have fun.” Kenne explains the creative goals behind his EP, “I’m as serious about my businesses as an entrepreneur as I am about my music. At the same time, I remember to have fun.”

“Whatever It Takes Anytime” brings a fresh new hip hop music sound, reflects Kenne’s musical influences, which run the gamut from artists such as R.Kelly and Fabolous, to Kid Ink and Logic. Key tracks include the feel-good, catchy, club flavor of “Boom (Feat. Dani Wita I).” The tune showcases feature the vocal prowess of Dani Wita I and the impeccable production skills of Cincinnati producer Natown. “Level” grabs attention with its trap style and tightly crafted lyrical hooks that motivate and prove that indeed, Kenne can take it to another level. “Figures” is a third ‘must-hear’ cut on the EP, as Kenne shows he can slow it down into an R&B flavored soundscape and storyline. Kenne Wita E explains, “That song talks about making money honestly, ‘stackin’ em’ figures’ with style, you can do both and still succeed!”

In Whatever It Takes Anytime, Kenne Wita E harnesses his muses, his mantra, and also his business college experience in marketing. “Any business must also be altruistic and give back,” he offers. He has chosen a portion of his EP sales to go toward the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative. The Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, (CYC,) combats the childhood poverty rate and empowers vulnerable students to overcome obstacles and graduate high school, prepared for success. Kenne Wita E is proud to give back to his community using his artistic talents, his business skills, and of course, he is willing to do “Whatever It Takes, Anytime.”

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Fresh New Hip Hop Music in the Apple ITunes Music Store

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