Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams Launches New Treatment and Wellness Center

In 2000, Williams had to retire due to a career ending injury and as a result, experienced personal struggles. After enduring and overcoming addiction, Williams was inspired to help others. “Our mission is to positively change the lives of the individuals, their families and communities that have all been impacted by addiction. The numbers of victims touched by addiction tragically continues to grow daily. We’re losing lives at an unprecedented rate. If you want to change the outcomes you need to deploy the right solutions. Rebound Institute was named to reflect on my skills as a player in the NBA as well as to describe the difficulties I had bouncing back in life. I want to help people win back their lives by sharing my experience and challenges”.

Innovative and cutting-edge approaches to therapy including hyperbaric and chiropractic treatment, overall health and mindset attention, mentoring, job training and workplace readiness will be stressed alongside core medical and clinical disciplines. Outdoor adventure therapy, a form of experiential group therapy, is also used to increase self-esteem and reintroduce an active, fun and healthy lifestyle.

Even before opening, Rebound Institute has established excellent relationships with local and national organizations. This is a credit to the excellent relationships that Williams has nurtured through the years in addition to the outreach Rebound Spokesman Charles Oakley has provided. Professional and amateur sports leagues and organizations, community groups and individuals have already embraced Rebound Institute and are in the process of formalizing relationships.

Substance abuse affects nearly 23.5 million Americans and roughly every 1 in 10 Americans who suffer are over the age of 12. Medical detoxification (detox) centers are often the first step in overcoming various substance abuse disorders. Detox centers systematically and safely help those suffering from addictive substances. Rebound Institute is composed of a renowned team of leading experts in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. “Our team possesses the skills and an integrated treatment process that is simply unmatched. We’re ready to transform negative addiction statistics into life changing success stories. Rebound Institute will provide a safe, compassionate and structured treatment center for addiction recovery and will be staffed by the finest medical professionals in the Country,” said Williams.

About Rebound Institute Wellness Center- Rebound Institute is dedicated to providing a safe foundation to those who are ready to take the first step in the recovery process. We are committed to providing each client with the strength and support needed as they move through the recovery process. For more information on Rebound Institute, visit our website at or call us at 1-877-2REBOUND.

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