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FKi’s SauceLord Rich Flips Genres and Lets You Know It’s “Too Late” To Stop Him

Saucelord Rich – Too Late (Audio)

Saucelord Rich fuses Trap Music and Rock together for his lead single Too Late. Read more about this release here:

Over a menacing swirl of distorted guitar, shrieking organ, and militant bursts of trap snares, SauceLord Rich lets everyone know that it’s “Too Late” to stop his success.  Premiered by HypeTrak, “Too Late” is a trap banger dipped in rock, a continuation of SauceLord’s history of spanning multiple genres on a single track.  Originally coming to prominence as one half of the genre-defying, Atlanta-based production duo FKi, SauceLord is now focused on making his name as a rapper. Snarling out declarative rhymes over The Covenant produced beat, SauceLord makes it clear that he is not just another producer trying out rap, but a bona-fide double threat that happened to make it as a producer first. “Too Late” is the lead single from his upcoming album Know Me: King Wolf,  due out September 9th, which features Post Malone and Tommy Swisher.

Check out Saucelord Rich‘s new single Too Late.

Saucelord Rich - Too Late (Audio)

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