F#@K I Love U – The Red Carpet Season Premiere Event For New Episodes

F#@K I Love U – The Red Carpet Season Premiere Event For New Episodes
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F#@K I Love U Season One Poster

It’s Modern Family meets Breaking Bad meets Crash!

F#@K I Love U – The Red Carpet Season Premiere Event
Monday, January 18, 2016, 7 PM
Downtown Independent
251 South Main Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

LUCKY Creates… presents F#@K I Love U, a drama/comedy that examines love, sex, race, and politics while providing quality entertainment. It looks at family and what happens when events—many outside of their control –test their love and their bonds. The red carpet event, January 18th in Los Angeles, will pull back the curtain on one of the most critically acclaimed and anticipated new dramas of 2016. The 1st five episodes are available for viewing and have had over 200,000 views.

The people behind F#@K I Love U includes Lucky Mor (Award winning comedy series “Paula Deen’s Best Delicious”), Murisa Harba (ABC’s Dancing with the Stars), Gabriel Voss (Bernie Su’s Emmy winning series Emma Approved), Marilinda Rivera (Model winner of Project Runway on Bravo), Tiffany Tynes (YouTube viral sensation for parody video of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda), and more. Lucky also serves as executive producer and creator of these stories that examine real life issues of being misunderstood while wanting to be accepted; and also looking at how people try to keep their relationships, trust, and love alive through challenging times.

This award winning series has been named the winner of the “Best Acting Ensemble” at the ITVFest, Winner of the Award of Merit in the IndieFEST Film Awards, an Official Selection of the UMFF Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, Official Selection Digitalmation Awards.

The story begins with an interracial couple, Douglas and Angie Winston. He being a black conservative, she a being white liberal will test an audience’s preconceived notions about what’s right and wrong in relationships. There are marital problems and betrayals of many different kinds. Adding to the intrigue, brotherly bonds are tested. Douglas was adopted at birth by a wealthy white family with a newborn son of their own named James “J” Winston. Once bonded as children, J’s reckless lifestyle has created distance between the two as adults. This creates more challenges to reconcile after betrayals are discovered. In season one; someone tries to kill members of the family in a drive by shooting. Who is the intended target? What will the consequences be?

Full of exceptional actors portraying exceptional characters, the stories interwoven in each episode make viewers clamor for the next episode. Each episode will be full of real life examples that viewers will find in their own relationships, or will seem to be ripped from todays headlines. No topic is safe from the introspection of these creatives.

Join to the red-carpet event on January 18th so you can get on board one of the most provocative new shows of 2016. F#@K I Love U will take on the unpredictable and never boring world of politics, love, relationships, and look at how race, gender, and sexuality play into the cauldron that makes up life for us all.

F#@K I Love U – The Red Carpet Season Premiere Event For New Episodes

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