Filmpower Features New Products Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Filmpower Features New Products Launches Indiegogo Campaign
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Release new product in CeBIT 2016 and start indiegogo

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Filmpower is excited to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign, offering ROXOR with a range of great deals and discounts.

With a new campaign just launched on Indiegogo, there are multiple options available, allowing users to purchase ROXOR at discounts as high as 40% off of the retail price.

ROXOR Features:

1.    Integrated 3-axis Stabilized 4K Camera System
2.    Built-in LCD screen
3.    3840×2160 @10FPS Video Resolutions
4.    20MP Photo, Time-Lapse photography
5.    Slow motion 1080/60p and 720/120fps
6.    Wi-Fi monitor and remote control with smartphone
7.    Replaceable smart battery – 2 hours of video & photo
8.    8 elements in 8 groups, no distortion lens

Visit the Indiegogo campaign for more information, or search for ROXOR online:

At the CeBIT2016 exhibition, Filmpower also released its latest product, Nebula REMOTE, which is a Wireless Thumb Controller.

Simple to set up and use, the Nebula Wireless Thumb Controller makes controlling your Nebula 4200-5 Axis easier and more intuitive, even with only a single operator. The Nebula allows users to capture shots that are difficult or impossible now, and use their gimbal to its full potential.

Nebula REMOTE Features:

1.    Directional control over all Nebula series gimbals
2.    Ability to modify the remote control to the corresponding direction
3.    Ability to modify the profile number
4.    Ability to check the RC configuration information
5.    Setting for the infrared remote camera (including camera brand changes)
6.    A variety of language choices
7.    Real-time display of the stabilizer pitch yaw Angle, electricity, profile number
8.    Low-pressure alarm (according to the setting determines of stabilizer)
9.    Bluetooth display of the signal intensity and REMOTE power
10.     Prompts to manually modify the RC configuration file
11.     Infrared remote camera
12.     Real-time display
13.    Control over Nebula4200 series and Nebula4000

Nebula4200 5-Axis is the world’s first five axis gyro stabilizer. If you want to know more information about Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal, you could visit our home page

Check out the Nebula4200 5-Axis gimbal video here:

About Filmpower (

Filmpower, Inc. began to design filmmaking equipment in 2010, with the Nebula series gyroscope stabilizer shipping from August 2013, the first full metal gyroscope stabilizer in the world. All Nebula products are patent pending in the US, with more powerful inventions to come. Based in San Francisco, the hottest tech zone in the US, Filmpower, Inc. is growing quickly and making the hottest film equipment.

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Filmpower Features New Products Launches Indiegogo Campaign

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