Watch Ontario artist EverythingOShauN’s new video ‘Closing In’

EverythingOShauN - Closing In (Video)

EverythingOShauN – Closing In (Video)

Brampton, Ontario artist EverythingOShauN‘s new video Closing In features women encroaching all around when dealing with the struggles. The track is featured on the upcoming EP Almost Everything. Read more about the new video here:

EverythingOShauN said, “The inspiration comes from the human condition we all find ourselves in as I was saying [in the record]. How long can you stand the heat and the pain while things close in until you break or you give up? I’ve found myself in this type of lose-lose situation many times. I’ve also seen people in it also which gives me the perspective of both sides. As much as it can be predominantly about relationships (romantic, platonic etc), it can also be metaphoric for just going through shit and talking to yourself. Imagine all the words and instead of you directing them to someone else. It’s coming to you, from yourself. It can have the same meaning regardless.”

Watch EverythingOShauN‘s new video Closing In and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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