EP 081: Lil Uzi Vert is #1, Lil Wayne’s health, Lonzo Ball disses Nas + album reviews MadeInTyo, Young Dolph, Berner & EarthGang (Podcast)

EP 081: Lil Uzi Vert is #1, Lil Wayne's health, Lonzo Ball disses Nas + album reviews MadeInTyo, Young Dolph, Berner & EarthGang

What it dew Trillions! Back again with episode 81 of the Truth Be Told Podcast from Trillmatic.com hosted by Riffa & Bigg UU. Thanks for supporting your favorite Hip Hop podcast! Be sure to leave a 5 star review!

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We kick this episode off speaking about Lil Uzi Vert’s album becoming the #1 album in the country. Xxxtentacion debuted at #2 and Action Bronson debuts at #54. We talk about the shift from lyricism and if lyricism is dying in Hip Hop. Check out our past reviews of these projects.

Action Bronson Review https://youtu.be/ueEbhwQsDK0
Xxxtentacion Review https://youtu.be/GrENoYn6cCY
Lil Uzi Vert Review https://youtu.be/FUnR2UO8FHA

Lil Wayne is dealing with health issues again with his seizures. We’re hoping to hear Lil Wayne gets this figured out.

Pusha T was recently at the Made In America Festival and talked about the delay for his album “King Push”. Apparently, he has 3 different versions of the album and Kanye West’s perfectionism is what’s causing the delay.

UGK may or may not have had their archives damaged from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, based on Pimp C’s wife as well as Pimp C’s camp.

Lonzo Ball recently came out and disrespected god emcee Nas, by saying no one listens to him and that Future and Migos are real Hip Hop. Lil B the Based God gave a warning by threatening to curse Lonzo. We also discuss why the youth and the old heads can’t ever get along.

Gucci Mane is releasing his first book, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane and we’re hope he makes the New York Times Bestseller List. Watch the trailer for the book here: http://www.trillmatic.com/gucci-mane-first-book-is-coming-out-september-19th/

Album Reviews this week: MadeInTyo, Berner & Young Dolph and EarthGang.

MadeInTyo – True’s World

Berner & Young Dolph – Tracking Numbers

EarthGang – Rags

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