EP 056: Police Stings, Joey Badass vs Tupac, Takeover vs Ether & Wire Taps (Podcast)

What it dew Trillions! We’re back with a new episode! In this episode we talk about Riffa’s phone going dark because of Amazon’s outage and Bigg UU talks about the huge traffic sting in Killeen he got caught up in this past week and the real reason Killeen Police are out in the streets.

Recently, Joey Badass came out to say that he was better than Tupac Shakur. With Riffa being a huge Tupac, the conversation gets interesting. We talk about Joey Badass’ skills as a whole, Tupac’s impact on Hip Hop culture and whether or not Joey can go toe to toe with Pac.

Remy Ma released a second diss after dropping ShEther, to come more like Drake with his Back 2 Back diss, but was it received as well? We talk whether or not Remy Ma should’ve done the diss, if Papoose really wrote her lyrics and if Nicki Minaj will ever respond. Foxy Brown became a topic on this podcast and if you don’t know why, listen to the podcast to find out why!

We revisited the historical Jay Z and Nas beef with The Takeover vs Ether. We reminisce about the time that they came out, the impact of both tracks and how do they stand up over a decade later. Did Nas really win the beef?

Donald Trump made wild accusations to former President Barack Obama stating on Twitter that the Trump Towers were tapped by Obama. We also talk about the the numerous Trump rallies that popped up across America and Jeff Sessions lying about meeting with Russians.

We round off with Logan going big at the box office, Iron Fists coming to Netflix this month, Dave Chappelle’s two comedy specials coming to Netflix and GSP getting disrespected by Michael Bisping.

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About Bigg UU

Washed rapper turned music critic who will love the Hip Hop culture forever, Podcaster, couch coach of the Dallas Cowboys and avid Twitter user.

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