EP 043: The Truth Shall Set You Free & Broccoli ft. Tanida Mullen (Podcast)

In this episode we bring on Tanida Mullen from The Savvy Young Professional podcast. She tells us about her podcast and her website. We talk about Millennials and their mind state in the job market and she also comes through to offer her opinion as we run through the weekly topics. Please don’t look at her differently. 

Kanye West met with Donald Trump and everyone went berserk. Yeezy 2020 has now become Yeezy 2024. Does this mean Donald Trump is going to be President for the next 8 years? Trump also let all his followers know he was trolling them, and all the catchphrases from his run mean nothing at all today. 

Police break into a car to save an old woman but it was worse, it was a mannequin. Bigg UU also tells the story about the time his old job came in contact with a bomb. 

Conor McGregor is leaving the UFC for good after popping up on the piss test for performance enhancements. And McGregor has some harsh words for the UFC.

We talk about the praise Childish Gambino is receiving for his latest album. We discuss the album and why we like it ourselves and why we should continue to keep the old music alive. 

Lil Yachty and Kodak Black are beefing over who came up with the term broccoli. But old heads come through to smack the youngins around again. We discuss how the changing times has caused the new generation of rap to disrespect the old.

Cee-lo Green almost died from a Samsung but it turns out he trolled all of us. We also talk Yo Gotti signing a management deal with Roc Nation. We also make a request to be on Roc Nation ourselves. 

Watch Yo Gotti signing to Roc Nation: http://www.trillmatic.com/jay-z-welcomes-yo-gotti-to-roc-nation-video/

We talk about Young Thugs incident with TSA and is TSA really a bunch of good people? 

Lupe Fiasco might be done with rap and this won’t be good for Hip Hop. Tanida calls Bigg UU pretentious. Is Lupe Fiasco just misunderstood, or are people too slow to understand? 

What’s the future for Desiigner? His single went 4x platinum but does it mean people will continue checking for him? Is anyone still checking for Fetty Wap? Method Man has worked on a Marvel Comic and Meagan Good is coming back as Foxy Brown on TV. It’s lit. 

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