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EP 037: Stephen Hawking, Childish Gambino, Hot Springs & Mike Pence (Podcast)



In this episode we kick off with Bigg UU’s Cowboys being 9-1 and Riffa’s 49ers being 1-9. 

We also talk Stephen Hawking’s prediction of the world ending in 1000 years and how many times have we lived thru the end of the world. Bigg UU recants the time that the world was gonna end in Y2K. We also talk about the machines killing us and Google being Skynet.

Childish Gambino has new music out and it’s fucking fire! We think he’s better than Drake at all levels. Don’t debate us.

We talk SnapChat and Erykah Badu sending fighting words to Rick Ross. What would you do if Erykah picked a fight with you and we talk fights in the internet age.

We talk about the ‘U Name It’ and it blowing up on the net. 

We talk the guy who fell into an acidic hot spring and dissolving to death. We tried to imagine dying this way. It gets dark. 

We talk new mixtapes from Nipsey Hussle and from Gucci Mane & Future. We break down the EPs, what we like about them and the standout tracks. We reminisce on double disk albums and albums having over 20 tracks on them. Glory days!

We talk Yeezy spazzing, him and Trump is caking on each other, bromance life. Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Azealia Banks and Kanye are all Geminis. So is Riffa. Mike Pence went to Hamilton, they call him out and Trump incarnates as Twitter Fingers. 

We both talk about abortion in America and our true thoughts about it. It’s a touchy subject that America still hasn’t figured out yet.

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