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EP 034: Cowboys, Seaworld & Meek Mill ft. Those Damn Comic Book Guys (Podcast)



In this episode, we have Confucius Jones and Fresh Knight of the Those Damn Comic book Guys podcast to talk really quickly of about the Eagles loss to the Cowboys and their podcast. Don’t worry, we’ll have a clash of the podcasts soon!

We also talk about Riffa going to Seaworld this past weekend, why he should’ve been working in the Haunted House, animal cruelty, animal rampage and the future of Seaworld.

A police officer’s wife lied about Black Lives Matter robbing her home and it turns out she tried to frame the movement by doing it herself. We also talk about fake news sites and voter fraud coming from the Trump supporters.

We also touch on the Suicide Squad extended release with more Joker in it. Riffa thinks he’s the Joker.

We also talk about the Meek Mill project Dreamchasers 4 which you can download by clicking here. What did you think about it?

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and the Warriors lost. It’s a loss for all lightskin dudes across the world. But Russell Westbrook is doing fantastic.

Trump had his Hollywood Walk of Fame star vandalized and we’re all cool with it.

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