EP 021: Lil Uzi Vert, Johnny Depp, Jordan Brand (Podcast)

leonardo dicaprio


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In this episode, Bigg UU and Riffa discuss why we need to stop hating the young Hip Hop rappers after having an enlightenment while listening to Lil Uzi Vert. Bigg UU also tries to turn Riffa to the darkside.

We also talk about Jay Z releasing a new album soon and hope for a Timbaland & Missy collab. We also talk about the young boys remixing classic songs from the 90s and when they shouldn’t touch them.

We talk about Warner Bros, Wonder Woman, Zack Synder and why there may actually being a conspiracy surrounding DC and Marvel.

We get into the new minimalistic Jordans that are being released and if the Yeezys are really overtaking the Jordan Brand.

We also talk a little about Johnny Depp and if he’s a better actor than Denzel Washington and we try to pinpoint when Leonardo Dicaprio became a beast. We also talk about which actors have brought tears to our eyes. (No homo.)

This week we Put Riffa On to a freak water park accident and we talk about our scariest moments at water parks, theme parks and those dipshit 15 year olds who run the water parks.

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