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EP 015: Wheelchair Jimmy Squad (Podcast)

john muir


In this episode, we continue off Episode 013 and briefly talk about Melania Trump and David Duke, the former KKK leader running for the U.S. Senate.

We also talk about the rise of the internet idiots, like the guy who shot himself in the mouth and the young OVO gangsters that ran up on Joe Budden. (Watch it here) We also decide what to call the OVO gang and why they’re the new Deathrow.

We get back into some Hip Hop conversations and talk DJ Khaled’s past wins and future releases. We talk about Future and his originality, what we like and don’t like about Drake, the shortcomings of Nicki Minaj and dope femcees like Rapsody.

We also continue on with ScHoolboy Q with his new video John Muir (click here to watch it) and we also talk about Jadakiss still killing shit.

We also talk about the multiple trailers released this week from Marvel, Netflix, DC Comics and Narcos. Riffa hates everyone who hates Zack Snyder. Specifically Justice League and Wonder Woman. We get into some deep comic book shit at the end so if it’s not for you, turn the podcast off!

Trailers for Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders

Trailer for Narcos Season 2

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