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EP 008: Trillmatic.com’s Audio Podcast #003 – Faded

friday night faded

Photo by Jonathan Gross

New music Fridays once again! This week, we got 5 new tracks for you to get lit to. That’s why we named this one Faded, cause we know you about to get Faded this weekend for the 4th of July. We hope you all drink and smoke responsibly and please don’t get behind the wheel if you’re drunk. It’s not cool and never will be.

With that said, check out these 5 bangers and as always leave us a 5 star review on iTunes!

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1. Slim Thug – Peaceful http://www.trillmatic.com/houstons-big-boss-slim-thug-announces-new-album-drops-new-single/

2. Maxo Kream – G3 http://www.trillmatic.com/houstons-maxo-kream-is-on-his-persona-sht-in-his-new-mixtape/

3. Esohel – Faded AF http://www.trillmatic.com/esohel-faded-af-audio/

4. Dizzy Wright ft. Skate Maloley – Why You Do Me Like That http://www.trillmatic.com/dizzy-wright-is-unfazed-by-negativity-on-why-you-do-me-like-that/

5. Cryface Jordan – Robots http://www.trillmatic.com/cryface-jordan-robots-audio/

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