Dizzy Wright’s 702 EP Spotlights Las Vegas’ Surging Indie Scene

Dizzy Wright – The 702 EP (Album Stream)

Dizzy Wright has gone hard for the Las Vegas Hip Hop scene. I won’t be surprised if he’s seen as a legend there when it’s all said and done. He recently released The 702 EP. Read more about this release here:

Las Vegas lives in the popular imagination more as an adult-oriented theme park than a living, breathing city. However, if you look beyond the strip, you find plenty of ordinary people living ordinary lives, and a growing scene of independent artists making great music. On the 702 EP, Vegas rapper Dizzy Wright showcases his side of the city, shining a light on merely one ingredient of the musical melting pot in the desert. “Not many people know this,” explains Dizzy Wright, “but Vegas has a diverse sound. I’m from the East Side and this EP reflects the sound from that scene.” Although Dizzy is the biggest rap name to come out of Sin City, his intent is not to be the spokesperson for the rap scene but to showcase the diverse scene and sounds. 

Stream The 702 EP from Dizzy Wright and drop a comment below.

Dizzy Wright - The 702 EP (Album Stream)

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