Dizzy Wright Reflects on Police Violence in Unapologetic New Video

Dizzy Wright – They Know Why (Video)

The young rapper Dizzy Wright recently conceptualized and shot his new video They Know Why in 24 hours, about police brutality, racism and rage. Here’s a quote from Dizzy Wright below:

“All I’m saying is our anger comes from a different place and I pray the world can understand that this country has always worked against us so responding with violence seems like the only way but it’s not and it’s up to the positive people in the world to spread that love”- Dizzy Wright

Over plaintive piano chords and sorrowful strings, Dizzy Wright reflects on the recent murders of two innocent black men by police officers and the history of institutionalized racism in his video “They Know Why.  The song references the murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of the police and the video shows footage of the shootings and their aftermaths, mixed with news footage from related incidents and Dizzy ruminating in an alleyway. Connecting these specific incidents to the history of the black experience in America, Dizzy cites slavery, the rise of martial law, and fascism. Conceptualized and produced in fewer than 24 hours, Dizzy felt compelled to share his urgent message, citing, “I hope this touches your heart.”

Watch Dizzy Wright‘s They Know Why and comment down below.

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