Derrick Jordan – La Da Di (Audio)

Derrick Jordan – La Da Di (Audio)

Now living in Los Angeles, the Dallas R&B singer Derrick Jordan drops his new single La Da Di. The new single combines old school R&B with mixture of the West Coast flavor on top. Don’t know why he moved to Los Angeles. Rent is high as SHIT out there! Come back to Texas bro. Anyways, check out more on the release of this new track below:

Move over Chris Brown, rising R&B star Derrick Jordan is bracing for his takeover. Hailing from Dallas, TX, now residing in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Derrick Jordan (formerly D. Jo) is breathing a new life into R&B as we know it. With his brand new single, “La Da Di” Derrick Jordan incorporates old school flavor with a new West Coast flair, all while paying homage to the woman’s form. Check out “La Da Di” produced by @Refuuj below.

Check out Derrick Jordan‘s new single La Da Di now and comment below!

Derrick Jordan - La Da Di (Audio)

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