Brooklyn’s Corey St. Rose Releases Highly Anticipated Music Video ‘Get It Back’

Corey St. Rose - Get It Back (Video)

Corey St. Rose – Get It Back (Video)

Brooklyn upstart Corey St. Rose has a lot of potential with his music, meanwhile his visuals are locked tight with his new video Get It Back. Rolling through the video with women wearing pink ski-masks, expected the unexpected in the future. Read more about the new video below:

“Get It Back” is loose in its song structure but allows Corey to showcase his skills as a rapper and showman. Two ski masked vixens accompany him while he parades throughout New York City spitting boastful lyrics. “I just copped a cuban for the trigger finger, might cop another one for the middle finger.” His words are gritty and reminiscent of the “old Brooklyn” Roc Nation artist, Casanova often raps about. Video director, dpoftheyear transitions between shots taken in the streets of Chinatown to aerial visuals of Corey’s rooftop hangout. The nighttime setting enhances the vibe of the song. The videos hazy soundscape produced by Tyeon Thompson intensifies the psychedelic effects used by the director.

Watch Get It Back from Brooklyn rapper Corey St. Rose and let us know what you think of it.

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