Cleveland rapper Ripp Flamez Addresses Gun Violence In Solemn New Video

Ripp Flamez – Learning (Video)

The Cleveland rapper known as Ripp Flamez has been hitting the YouTube hustle up lately and he comes to us with another new video Learning, addressing gun violence in America. Read more about this video below:

Cleveland is not an easy place to be from and hometown hero Ripp Flamez knows that just as well as anyone. Asked what was the most important lesson he’s learned from living in Cleveland, Ripp responds, “How valuable time is. I have friends who I wish were still here, who are either dead or in jail and I wish I could spend time with them again.” Premiered today by Mass Appeal, his video for “Learning,” a track from his most recent album DayOne Forever, follows Ripp through the Cleveland night as he sings about the tragedies he has faced, stopping in a bodega and a graveyard. “Songs like ‘Learning’ tend to get overlooked so it’s important to me to highlight that song and others like it that are a part of my life story,” Ripp explained when asked why it was important to him to make this video. The video also shows a group of children dancing, which Ripp explains, “The kids represent us as kids living through and around all the tragic events and being able to make light of it, to be able to dance and smile through all of it. I guess it symbolizes growth and being able to adapt.

Watch Ripp Flamez in his new video Learning and sound off in the comment section.

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