Toronto Renaissance Man Clairmont The Second Drops Introspective Clip for “The Road”

Clairmont The Second - The Road (Video)

Clairmont The Second – The Road (Video)

The 19-year-old Toronto upstart Clairmont The Second drops his new visual for The Road. Unlike most of the new age Rap, Clairmont comes with flows that you can hear clearly and offer thought + introspection. And at a young age, Clairmont The Second has room to settle in. Read more about the new video here:

With prodigious skills behind the mic and behind the boards, as well as an auteurist’s eye for directing music videos, the 19-year-old Clairmont The Second is a modern-day renaissance man. In “The Road,” his latest self-directed video, the rising Toronto artist gives the viewer a glimpse into a day in his life. Running through his morning routine, strolling in his neighborhood, and popping a squat in a schoolyard to watch himself energetically perform on a small screen, “The Road” is a nostalgic, engaging statement from the young artist, premiered by Mass Appeal. A compelling narrative accompanied by signature reverse motion effects, “The Road,” a highlight from Clairmont’s Polaris Music Prize-nominated last project Quest For Milk and Honey, is an awesome introduction to Clairmont the Second for those unfamiliar with his work.

Watch Clairmont The Second‘s new video The Road and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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