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Chris Miles – All In Your Mind (Audio)

Chris Miles – All In Your Mind (Audio)

The 16-year-old rapper known as Chris Miles drops his infectious track All In Your Mind, produced by Blended Babies. With room to grow and being so young in the game, the rapper plans on dropping his new EP Milestones soon. Read more about this track’s release below:

While most 16-year-olds are going back to school this month, preparing for tests and homework, rapper Chris Miles is preparing to release his upcoming EP Milestones,” says Billboard, who premiered Chris’ newest single, “All in Your Mind.” Produced by Blended Babies, the throwback, jazzy beat, was unorthodoxly created around a voice memo that Compton rapper Buddy sent to Blended Babies. That memo became the hook and the rest of the song was built around it. Says Chris, “The songs about an ideal girl who understands all the stuff that’s going on in my mind with the stresses and demands of life. She just gets it. Meanwhile, I just wanna get it.”

Take a listen to Chris MilesAll In Your Mind produced by Blended Babies.

Chris Miles - All In Your Mind (Audio)

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