Watch UK artists Chima Anya & Slone’s new video ‘Do Less’ featuring Crown

Chima Anya & Slone featuring Crown - Do Less (Video)

Chima Anya & Slone featuring Crown – Do Less (Video)

Chima Anya and Slone come straight out of the UK with their new video Do Less, trying to keep away the stress. The track features Crown and Chima Anya hopes that by doing less, you can do more. Read more about the new visual here:

Without question, “Do Less” is easily relatable. Music producer Slone’s sound palette allows Chima to paint a picture of a stress-free lifestyle. His hook, “I need to do less, because the number one killer of youth now is stress. I need to do less, because a hectic schedule is too damn intense. I need to kick-back and enjoy my new-found success. I need to do less, because my time is too stress, now it’s time to move fresh will make your head nod in agreement. Unit 31 follows Chima on a one-day journey that inspires his commitment to a fresh start. His mantra “do less so you can do more” will encourage viewers to appreciate life’s simple things. His message is driven home by the background vocals of Crown. “Do Less” closes with Chima decluttering his living space and beginning from page one literally and figuratively. Watch “Do Less” by Chima Anya now. His forthcoming album People Forget is due out early next year.

Watch Chima Anya‘s new video Do Less with Slone featuring Crown and drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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