Chicago Hip-Hop Group Clout Godz Release New Music Video "The…

Chicago Hip-Hop Group Clout Godz Release New Music Video “The Sway”

Clout Godz - The Sway (Music Video)

Clout Godz – The Sway (Music Video)

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes announces the release of “The Sway” Music Video by Clout Godz. This new video is currently available to view on the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes website.

This story is one for the ages. A group of teenagers from the NW suburbs of Chicago, transcending the game with a sound that’s been uniquely labeled as “Hood Pop”. Super catchy choruses, melodic punchy production and vocal arrangements that instantly catch the attention of listeners. Its not rapping. Its not singing. Its a fusion of the two perfectly arranged to make the Clout Godz Sound.

In current times, coming from the Chicago-land area, certain music genres have been directly connected to the violence that has riddled the city over the past few years. No such labels can be associated with this young up and coming power group.

CLOUT Continue Leading Our Universe Together.

GODZ Represent inspiration, belief, leadership and respect.

Music for the Clout Godz is truly an outlet. With real life situations including single parent households, homelessness and loosing a parent to death, has bonded these young men closer together. “The music makes us feel good and forget about all the negative things” says the groups youngest member & founder, CGE Marco(16).

With a humble start, in early 2016 consisting of a Rock-band mic and a Laptop, this young group has made amazing strides in a short period of time. After graduating their talents to a local studio inside of a library in the suburbs, Clout Godz have managed to build a solid catalog of great sounding music and a respectable fan base, all done organically.

Their lead off single, titled “Sway” is a medium paced dance challenge song with a very catchy chorus. With the dance craze being so popular, and the song being so catchy and well arranged, the combination is a win win. The group shot their first music video for “Sway” and managed to reach 50k + views in their first month with NO paid promotion. With this moderate success, the groups popularity is growing at a very rapid pace.

Currently, the group is busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut mixtape titled “Trending Topic”. This mixtape will be an instant classic, consisting of top notch production and first class arrangements. Stay in touch with Clout Godz and find out about new music and upcoming events.

Clout Godz are currently seeking press opportunities, interviews, features, and more. They can be reached at the following locations:

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Chicago Hip-Hop Group Clout Godz Release New Music Video “The…

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