Cannabis Club ATL Raising H*** on the Easter Sunday – Resurrection…

Cannabis Club ATL Raising H*** on the Easter Sunday – Resurrection

Cannabis Club ATL “Hellraiser” Mixtape Available on iTunes

“Hellraiser” the resurrection, the music was made to release listeners from their confines;

Easter is going to sound a little different this year! Cannabis Club ATL is not afraid of controversy. Their highly anticipated “Hellraiser” The Resurrection Mixtape, hosted by DJ Bigg Chris, will be available on iTunes for download this Easter Sunday. The mixtape is expected to set fire to the independent music world. “Hellraiser” is a prelude to their hot single, “When You Coming Home” (produced by Zaytoven), and will roll out to monitored radio stations early April 2016.

The 18 track compilation of songs, gives listeners a look into a multi-range of edgy R&B, Hip Hop and Rap for which Cannabis Club ATL is known. Super-producer Phenom brings his special kind of heat, on the crackling title track “Hellraiser.” Other producers who lent their smokin’ studio production skills on the compilation include Beat Monster DJ Plugg, Murda Beatz, Metro Boomin, Hamsquad and newcomer Runna Jay. Cannabis Club ATL is a representation of the “New Music Revolution” commanding their own energy, their own vibe and their own sound. Standout tracks like “I’m That Guy” features Trapacana’s scorching rhymes and The Legendary Fruitman laying down the law over a blistering sick beat. Rapper N.I.L.E. adds his distinctive flow to “Run N Hide,” and then there’s the mysterious siren, a Palestinian by way of Sydney, Australia, named Manal… “When You Coming Home,” as well as other tracks arranged on the mixtape, will be Manal’s vocal talent coronation and could seal her reign as Queen of the New South.

Fire and brimstone for listening to the “Hellraiser” mixtape? On the contrary! There are clues to what’s in store for your listening enlightenment. Look closely at the group’s CD cover; “Hellraiser” symbolizes the fiery death, an end to Fear, Envy, Greed, Racism, Inequality and taunting Politics. The illuminated boxes and broken chains represent freeing one’s mind – to be open and receive. Resurrection brings a new beginning hence the inevitable rise of independent music and labels like Money Tree Entertainment. Spokesperson Fruitman explains “Hellraiser’s” significant symbolism. “In the daily news, our world is constantly being fed hate and self-defeating negativity.    With “Hellraiser” the resurrection, the music was made to release listeners from their confines; to rise above all limitations through music and thought-provoking lyrics.” Cannabis Club ATL “Hellraiser” ignites and sets fire to the airwaves Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016, and is available for download iTunes.


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Cannabis Club ATL Raising H*** on the Easter Sunday – Resurrection…

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