Bronx Rapper Fred The Godson Returns With New Single “Just A Friend 2k17”

Bronx Rapper Fred The Godson Returns With New Single “Just A Friend 2k17”

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Fred The Godson is back with his latest single. He and fellow New York recording artist Jaquae team up with production team The Heatmakerz to reimagine Biz Markie’s classic Hip-Hop record, “Just A Friend”. The single, aptly titled “Just A Friend 2k17”, is currently available to stream and download at the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes website.

Fred the Godson began his continuing ascent to stardom in the gritty South Bronx ghetto of New York. He spent his early days learning the harsh realities of life on 156th & Fox, an area submerged in drug wars that he struggled to evade. Instead, Fred sought refuge in his large family. Though he came from a two parent household, life was nonetheless rough as they struggled to provide for six children. His family saw many hardships and tragedies living in the merciless Bronx ghetto. At a very young age, Fred found himself living a desolate existence; particularly after having watched his house burn down, and consequently experiencing life in a shelter. While future prospects seemed dim to Fred, given his circumstances, he was still determined to overcome the obstacles, thus finding a way to conquer his sorrows.

Fred eventually enrolled at Monroe high school, but was affected by the temptations that led him away from his studies and into the streets. The combined pressures from his peers and home life prevented him from graduating. Fred had reached a low point in his life. On top of his scholastic disappointments, Fred suffered from Kidney disease, Asthma, and Diabetes. Clearly a number of factors culminated to make Fred’s life harder than that of many adolescents his age, however, still he persevered.

One of the factors that allowed Fred to persist through the tougher times in his life was music. He recalls falling in love with music, and the Hip-Hop genre more specifically, after seeing MC Hammer. He quickly gained an appreciation for the performance aspects of Hammer’s work. At the age of fifteen, Fred also discovered that he had a special talent. He had an exceptional aptitude at working with words. He eventually combined this verbal propensity with his love for music, and found his niche. After becoming further enthralled with early hip hop acts, Fred began allowing this new love to penetrate every aspect of his existence. He began to put his life into the language of rap music, and so began his ascent to lyrical greatness.

By the time Fred turned twenty, he had mastered the art of verbal composition. As he matured he became more confident, and subsequently his flow evolved. Accordingly, his punch lines became fiercer, and his songs improved drastically. He was inspired by the work of artists like Jay-Z, and worked toward creating a repertoire equally as strong. By combining witty punch lines, with the gritty realities of New York life, and expressing them in an animated though calculatedly smooth flow, Fred has managed to concoct a distinctive style that is raw though relatable, and equally appealing.

In recent years Fred has taken more far-reaching steps in terms of pursuing a professional career in rap. By purchasing a studio, investing money into promotional tools and seeking new management, Fred has effectively created a prime environment in which to continue honing his craft, as a serious dedicated artist. In addition, he has made major accomplishments and personal achievements as far as advancing and bettering his position in the industry by performing at myriad venues, seeking radio promotion and exposing the public to his music by any means possible. In addition, Fred has succeeded in his endeavors with support from powerhouse establishments such as T.B.M. Entertainment and Draft Entertainment; all of whom are dedicated exclusively to the task of exposing Fred to the general public.

Thus far, Fred’s unorthodox rapping technique has landed him major meetings with Roc-a-fella, Def Jam, Shady, Sony, Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders and Loud (SRC). He has performed at popular venues such as Sob’s, Don Hills, Temple, and opened up for Interscope artist Rich Boy. Fred is also co-signed by Riggs Morales of Shady Records, Super Producer Clark Kent, Dee & Waah of Ruff Ryders as well as Til Welch of Virgin. His achievements in the music industry have gained him widespread recognition, allowing for his star to shine brighter as he climbs the Hip-Hop ladder to prominence.

Fred the Godson released two hugely successful and acclaimed mixtapes in the past year, respectfully titled They Call Me the Flow and American Gangster; the latter of which was featured in HIPHOPWEEKLY magazine. Fred’s lyrical abilities have been noted by some of hip hops major players, including international megastar Jay-Z, who—after meeting with Fred at Def Jam—remarked that Fred is exactly what is needed in the rap game. His growing industry buzz enabled a meeting with Conrad from Bad Boy shortly after. Solidifying his place as top dog in the highly competitive world of underground unsigned acts, Fred won the 2007 Underground Music Award for “Best Male Rapper.” In addition, his talent has attracted the attention of producers such as Sha Money XL, Reefa, Sean C & LV, Heat Makerz, Rockwilder, Buck Wild, Justice League, Charlamaine, Amadeus, Scram Jones and Teddy Riley, all of whom have collaborated with and contributed to Fred musically. Fred has managed to sustain and maintain business as well as personal friendships with heavyweights such as Lenny S from Def Jam and Omar Grant from EMI Publishing both of whom are avid advocates of his talent.

Appearances and features on major programs such ad BET’s Rap City, as well as numerous internet and radio programs, mixtapes, DVDs and blog sites have helped to make the underground powerhouse that is Fred, more accessible to the general public. The most recent testament to his talent and flair came via a feature on the popular website’s breeding ground. His latest single entitled Get ‘Em Fred is also seeing widespread success, garnering BDS spins from various popular radio stations nation wide. The magnitude of Fred’s potential is summed up by Beanie Sigel who has described Fred as the best dude he heard since he signed to Roc-a-fella, or perhaps even better by Lenny S who is quoted stating that “Fred is the next dude from NYC to blow up.”

In an industry so heavily populated with aspiring artists, each with their own claim to fame, Fred the Godson stands out as a superior and deserving artist. His style and libretto are unique and versatile. His clever flow compliments the genuine authenticity of his music’s content. His real life experiences penetrate the psyches of his listeners allowing them to vibe on a personal level. Equally important, Fred consistently demonstrates a predisposition for making hit records. In essence, he is the truth.

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