Boldy James comes through with the Trap inspired “Do It” Visual

Boldy James featuring RicoElite – Do It (Video)

Boldy James recently released his mixtape The Art Of Rock Climbing returning to form and is now gearing up to release his second mixtape in a couple of months House of Blues. The first single Do It, just got the visual treatment and Boldy James won’t allow 2 years to pass by again. Read what he had to say about the new video below:

Shedding light on the video’s inception, Boldy James said, “I linked up with Gerard Victor, who has worked with Fabolous, Young Thug, a lot of big guys – I wanted to have a treatment for the video from him because [Victor] can take the words and make people see them – he can make them jump off the screen. Just like how I try to make words jump out of paper with my lyrics… The song is meant for people that don’t like to talk a lot, the people who just like to get to it and get things done. It’s for the people that are out here handling their business by any means necessary – taking care of their families, anything to see a better tomorrow.” 

Watch Boldy James‘ new video Do It featuring RicoElite and drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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