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Bloodline – The Animated Series (Kickstarter)

Bloodline – The Animated Series (Pledge for the Kickstarter)

We always enjoy a good animated series. Even in my adult life. Enter Bloodline. A new animated series being developed by Visionary Outlook LLC based in New York. It looks promising and may need a few tweaks, like the quality of the voiceovers for instance. But that’s okay. With your support, the animated series could get even more than better voiceovers. Maybe even a spot on TV. Read more on the synopsis:

The King of Hopeskin, a planet distant to Earth, is in peril as the King contracts a rare disease. As a new bloodline begins to ascend the throne for the first time in 3000 years and Hopeskin is turned into Chaos. Sensing danger “The Royal Circle” performs a forbidden ritual “The Royal Circle” performs a ritual desperately seeking the remnants of the King’s bloodline scattered throughout the galaxy.

Zeinshaw Rollin, a 16 year old high school student, gets thrust into the power struggle when the Eagle of Hopeskin sores through the skies of Earth as the strongest of his bloodline. “

Below we’ve included a few photos as well as a sneak peek teaser. Click here to show your support to the series and watch the teaser!





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