Announces Historic, First-Ever Bitcoin Investment in an IRA Announces Historic, First-Ever Bitcoin Investment in an IRA

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“I’m proud to be the first to use a Bitcoin IRA to protect my retirement.”

Ed Moy, Former Director of the U.S. Mint, has become the first to officially purchase a “Bitcoin IRA,” an investment product for retirement accounts available exclusively from, the company announced today. The first-of-its-kind investment product is specifically designed for IRA and 401(k) plans.

Moy, who also serves as Chief Strategist for, invested using an IRA he opened with Kingdom Trust, a leading qualified custodian that specializes in unique and innovative solutions for investors, serves over 78,000 clients and has over $8.5 billion in assets under custody. He says that the Bitcoin IRA is a pioneering financial tool and a great way for investors to protect their retirement savings.

“Bitcoin is one of the most important currency innovations in decades,” says Moy, an expert on currency trading and global economic markets, “It’s a decentralized, global form of money, so its value isn’t tied to the economy of any one specific country. That makes it an excellent way to diversify your investments.”

“We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of bitcoin investments in the IRA market. Kingdom Trust is proud and excited to be part of this extraordinary moment for retirement investing,” said Charles “Bo” Ives, President of Kingdom Trust, which has an exclusive partnership with

The Bitcoin IRA marks the first time that real bitcoins from a digital currency exchange have been permitted as part of a retirement portfolio. The bitcoins are held in an anonymous, securitized digital wallet, facilitated via’s exclusive partnership with BitGo, the leader in blockchain security and multi-signature wallets. Unlike other bitcoin investment options, which are more volatile bitcoin-related derivatives such as stocks or exchange-traded funds, the “Bitcoin IRA” enables investors to store actual bitcoins in their IRA or 401(k).

“Digital currency like bitcoin is the future, and is at the forefront of this financial revolution,” adds Moy. “I’m proud to be the first to use a Bitcoin IRA to protect my retirement.”

About, home of the “Bitcoin IRA,” serves as a financial conduit pioneering the use of bitcoin as an investment option for retirement, offering a unique alternative for self-directed IRAs. Working with FinTech industry leaders to provide secure, high-quality bitcoin investments, provides an innovative approach for investors to build their 401(k) and protect their retirement savings against market turmoil. To learn more, visit

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