Big Sean – 4 New Tracks (At the same damn time)


Big Sean – 4 New Tracks (At the same damn time)

Big Sean stated he was going for blood, then he made good on his tweet and dropped off 4 new bangers. That’s right, 4. At the same damn time niggas. Featuring production from MikeWillMadeIt, DJ Mustard, Kanye West, DJ Dahi, Nate Fox, Da Internz, L&F and Key Wane.

It’s about time we get to here some new music from the city of Detroit. Maybe a new mixtape or album is in the works. No way to tell at the moment. Big Sean also recently signed a new management deal with Roc Nation.

Listen to “Paradise”, “I Don’t Fuck With You”, “Jit-Juke” and “4th Quarter”. Be sure to pick up Big Sean‘s last album “Hall Of Fame” if you haven’t.

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