Battle Rap: Review of Tsu Surf vs Hitman Holla (Smack/URL)

Battle Rap: Review of Tsu Surf vs Hitman Holla (Smack/URL)

If you didn’t know this about me, I started as an emcee in Detroit battling for money in small clubs. So for me to be covering battle rap is a pleasure.

My first review will feature one of the battles from Summer Madness 4. In this battle we have Tsu Surf from Newark, New Jersey and Hitman Holla from St. Louis, Missouri.

A little background on the emcees. Tsu Surf is hella lyrical and his punchlines take a second to hit you sometimes but that’s good to me. And Hitman Holla will get the lamest crowd member crunk with his over the top delivery and performance style. Definitely a good battle they didn’t disappoint. Personally Tsu Surf got this one 2-to-1.

Who do you think won this one? Leave feedback in the comment section.

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