BandGang Shows Off New Hardware in “G.A.N.G.”

BandGang - G.A.N.G. (Got A New Gun) (Video)

BandGang featuring ShredGang Boogz – G.A.N.G. (Got A New Gun) (Video)

BandGang is on the come up fast and they take it up a few notches with the release of their new video G.A.N.G., an acronym for Got A New Gun. The group shows off their hardware while rapping to a beat that would do the Hot Boys proud featuring ShredGang Boogz. Read more about the new visual below:

Leading Detroit‘s new rap renaissance with a bottomless arsenal of punchlines and flows, BandGang always comes prepared for a fight. Nearly cackling with glee at the prospect of acquiring a new firearm, the members of BandGang radiate a maniacal energy in “G.A.N.G.,” their latest video. Posting up in a crowded pool hall with guest artist ShredGang Boogz, BandGang bounce to the menacing instrumental, dancing and threatening with their weapons as BandGang Lonnie Bands strums his AK like a guitar. 

Watch Detroit group BandGang‘s new video G.A.N.G. on YouTube below.

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