Baby Bash & Frankie J blend Latin Pop and West Coast Rap on ‘Sangria’

Baby Bash & Frankie J – Sangria (Album Stream)

With well over decades in the game together, Baby Bash and Sangria aim to bring class and a contemporary Latin pop vibe to their new project Sangria. Lead by their singles Candy Coated Dreamer and Body Yo Body, the duo had a few things to say about the collab:

Explains Baby Bash, “Me and Frankie have had multiple top 5 hits together and solo. Sure, it seems like 12 years between collaborations is a long time, but the Musical Timing feels so perfect now. It’s time to give the people the Best of Both Worlds. From the fly Mexican American Experience… Sangria tour will bring Class and genuine music back.”

Explains Frankie J: “For the fans, it’s as though it’s been 12 years. But it’s simply because the songs hadn’t seen the light of day. We felt it was time to keep them from waiting. We wrote new songs. Attached some of those that were written a while ago, renewed the production so it could fit the sound of today. And the final product is what you will hear in our album Sangria.: The sound of Mexico and America put together in a musical piece. I think the biggest misconception of Mexican/American music is that you must do one or the other. You can’t do both. You can’t do Mexican music unless you speak perfect Spanish.. And you can’t do American music, unless you speak perfect English. But I say, this this has all to do with faulty thinking. It’s ignorance in people’s behalf. I was born in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. And I was raised in the US. And I’ve done very well in both sides of the fence.”

Stream Frankie J and Baby Bash‘s Sangria and let us know what you think in the comment section down bottom. Are they both legends?

Baby Bash & Frankie J - Sangria (Album Stream)

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