Arab-American Filmmaker Produces Comedy of how a President Trump will “Make America Great”

 Arab-American Filmmaker Produces Comedy of how a President Trump will “Make America Great”


Arab-American Filmmaker Raouf Zaki has launched a short-film, Make America Great (, that offers a glimpse into a dystopian future where Donald Trump becomes president. Showcased in the film is the ban on Muslims, the continued disrespect towards women and the Great Wall of America.

“The sheer surreality of the film mirrors the actuality of the current Trump craze with ideas coming directly from his speeches and tweets,” says writer, producer, and director Raouf Zaki. “Even though this is a comedy, it’s also a horrific vision of the days to come if Trump becomes President. If we could just see the future, sometimes we can prevent it. This is what inspired Make America Great.”

This project was jump-started and finished in just 5 filming days with a talented group of actors playing multiple roles including Donald and Melania Trump, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton and even Vladimir Putin. All of the film’s dialogue consists of rhyme and is centered around the slogan “Make America Great”.

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RA Vision Productions, Inc. is a full production and post-production house specializing in feature films, documentaries, corporate videos, film dubbing, and live event production. For the past fifteen years, we have made films for major TV networks in the U.S. and the Middle East, worked with some of the top Fortune 500 companies and have produced entertaining narrative films that seek to bridge the gap between cultures which are used in the nation’s top schools and universities. At RA Vision Productions, Inc., we are reinventing the wheels of cinema by producing films that challenge our perceptions of the world.


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Arab-American Filmmaker Produces Comedy of how a President Trump will…

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