All American Bikini Car Wash is Speeding up to DVD

All American Bikini Car Wash is Speeding up to DVD

All American Bikini Car Wash – now available on Video on Demand

It’s just 90+ minutes of innocent and at the same time slightly naughty entertainment – simply put: great summer fun

Summer is the perfect season for All American Bikini Car Wash to finally roll out on DVD. Summer sizzles with hot cars and bikinis, now available on DVD from all major retailers.

Billed by fans and movie critics alike as a much needed throwback to the fun sexy comedies of the 80’s and 90’s, All American Bikini Car Wash has something to offer for everyone – from the world famous cityscape of Las Vegas, to young up and coming talent, including Playboy Playmate Kayla Collins, Showtime movie star Erika Jordan and Miss Asia USA 2015 Ashley Park, funny and sexy romantic scenes, and of course some of the most exotic cars the world has to offer – from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Shelby Cobras, Aston Martins and good old Classic American Muscle Cars – All American Bikini Car Wash is one of those rare, feel-good movies that only come across every once in a while.

This DVD release came to fruition as a result of a unique collaboration between Monarch Home Entertainment, one of the most respected and active US-based independent film distributors, and All American Bikini Car Wash production company, Meridien Films. After the initial run on video on demand platforms, requests by fans drove the need to issue All American Bikini Car Wash on DVD just in time for summer screenings and BBQs.

All American Bikini Car Wash DVD is now available for purchase on-line from some of the leading home entertainment retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Family Video, DVD Planet, The Video Collection, CD Universe and many others. In today’s competitive home entertainment market, and the ever-increasing competition from streaming services, All American Bikini Car Wash DVD release allows collectors to add it to their media collections and enjoy it time and again for many years to come.

The DVD comes loaded with many extra features: a full-length actor commentary with Miss Asia USA 2015 Ashley Park, along with other cast members; a behind-the-scenes gag reel; making-of-the-movie featurettes; 5.1 surround sound; English and Spanish captions, among others. The DVD itself is created as a dual-layer DVD, offering very high picture quality, paramount to a typical major studio film.

All American Bikini Car Wash DVD promotion is also continuing: purchasers of the movie DVD will continue to receive 10% discount on their Exotic Car Rental in Las Vegas, offered exclusively by Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals in Las Vegas, NV; as well as a $15 gift voucher toward converting their old home videos tapes and film to DVD, in order to preserve them for future generations, offered exclusively by Advanced Media, LLC in Los Angeles, CA.

DVDs of ALL AMERICAN BIKINI CAR WASH can be purchased here:


Family Video

Barnes & Noble

DVD Planet

Video Collection

Here is what film critics around the world had to say about All American Bikini Car Wash:

“It’s just 90+ minutes of innocent and at the same time slightly naughty entertainment – simply put: great summer fun” –

“Purveyors of this blend of comedy will find themselves right at home” –

“‘All American Bikini Car Wash is a flick full of explosive and super sexy fun!” –

“Overall this is a solid effort into the adult comedy genre, ‘All American Bikini Car Wash’ rates a 7 out of 10. Respect to all involved for taking me back to the 80s, style of film comedies!” –

“Sometimes you just want to kick back and watch the dumbest, sudsiest, smuttiest thing on streaming. You want something that melts away the worries of the week and reminds you of the raunchy teen comedies of yore. You want All-American Bikini Car Wash.” –

“This could have been called American Pie presents and I would never have guessed different… this film felt like maybe Van Wilder in a smaller scale” –


The film stars an excellent ensemble of young up and coming actors, Jack Cullison (Milf, Celebrity Sex Tape), Jason Lockhart (Casting Couch, Silent But Deadly), Beauty Queen Ashley Park (The Hazing, Day for Night), Playboy Playmate Kayla Collins (Entourage, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!), Mindy Robinson (V/H/S/2, Stretch) and Erika Jordan (Sharknado 3, The Playboy Morning Show).

ALL AMERICAN BIKINI CAR WASH message is: “This is the perfect time for a fun light-hearted comedy because we all deserve another laugh.”

When hard-partying Jack learns he is failing out of college, his professor offers him a chance to save his grade by running the local car wash. But Jack takes on way more than he can handle when his friends talk him into turning the business into a sexy bikini car wash. Jack and his buddies fulfill every guy’s dream – surrounded by sexy, beautiful girls washing exotic Ferraris, Lamborghinis, muscle cars and everything in between! But will Jack get the girl of his dreams? Set in world famous Las Vegas, All American Bikini Car Wash is a flick full of explosive and super sexy fun!

About Monarch Home Entertainment: Established in 1989, Monarch Home Entertainment is one of the oldest independent distributors of home video product. The company is a division of Ingram Entertainment, the largest wholesaler of prerecorded DVDs and video games in the United States.
Monarch has been successful through the years because of our valued relationships with producers, distributors and retailers. Monarch is known for releasing a wide variety of commercial and critically acclaimed films, including five “Ernest” films, two Jeff Daniels films and such specialty programming as “Highlights of the Masters Golf Tournament” and the PBS children’s series “SeeMores Playhouse.”

About Meridien Films: Meridien Films is focused on producing high-concept and commercial films. Meridien’s “Paranormal Asylum” has been a commercially successful film worldwide.

About Advanced Media: Advanced Media is a recognized name in digital media services, including optical, magnetic and analog media conversion to pristine digital form. Among Advanced Media current and past clients are the FBI, University of California, Vice Magazine and many more! When you are ready to preserve your home videos for generations to come, you want to call Advanced Media.

Advanced Media

About Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals: Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals specializes in enabling Las Vegas tourists to enjoy the ultimate experience of driving exotic high-end luxury cars.

Media contact: sales(at)meridienfilms(dot)com

All American Bikini Car Wash is Speeding up to DVD

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