AFROPUNK Mixtape 003: Living History (Mixtape)

AFROPUNK Mixtape 003: Living History (Mixtape)

With everything going on today with race relations in America’s society, AFROPUNK releases a new mixtape to serve as the soundtrack. Read more about the mixtape and tracklist here:

From the marches on Selma to the marches on Ferguson, Black History is living history. January 2015 saw the resurgent Civil Rights Movement gain strength, while a new Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch, the child of Civil Rights activists, boldly paid her respects to that legacy in her historic confirmation hearing. January 2015 also saw the release of new music rooted firmly in the blues, jazz, and soul from Afropunk favorites like Saul Williams, Project Black Pantera, and Toro Y Moi alongside newcomers like Pluto Moons, Adia Victoria, and Raury. Here is AFROPUNK Mixtape 003: Living History.

01. The Pluto Moons – #Badgoodbye
02. Interlude – Gil Scott Heron (1976)
03. Adia Victoria – Stuck In The South
04. Interlude – Sanford Biggers (Triptych: 2012)
05. Toro Y Moi – Empty Nesters
06. All Cows Eat Grass – We All Win
07. Oshun – buildestroy
08. Interlude – Loretta Lynch Confirmation Hearing (January 2015)
09. Black Luck – Cover It Up
10. The Cultured – Twelve
11. The Connectors – Harsh Measures
12. Interlude – Malcolm X (1962)
13. Project Black Pantera – Boto Pra Fuder
14. Interlude – Saul Williams (August 2013)
15. Saul Williams – All Coltrane Solos At Once
16. Oceano – Dead Planets
17. Interlude – Saul Williams (August 2013)
18. Raury – Fly

About the artwork:
Image from “Faces of the Movement” (
“I believe one should act upon what moves their heart. Ferguson has moved my heart… so I have acted.” – Sunny

Stream it in it’s entirety on SoundCloud below.

AFROPUNK Mixtape 003: Living History (Mixtape)

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