A-1 – Unpredictable (The Repo Man) (Video)

A-1 – Unpredictable (The Repo Man) (Video)

California rapper A-1 returns with his new visual for Unpredictable (The Repo Man), where he takes flight in his vehicle high above his city. Read more about the video release below:

In his reinterpretation of the sci-fi cult classic Repo Man, San Francisco rapper A-1 soars above his city in the new visual for “Unpredictable (The Repo Man),” which debuted via The FADER. The song, off his Thurlian mixtape, has A-1 adding his rhymes to a beat by Mr. Carmack, who said, “I shot him the track and a year later he sent me a finished version and it was tight, I loved it.”  

The visual is “based on the last scene of Repo Man, where the main character hops into an alien car and rides off into the abyss of the city night,” A-1 explained, adding, “I had never even seen the movie until a couple of days before we shot the video.” With his signature quirky rhymes like “The whole Bay know I’m popping like I opened up a Pringles can,” A-1 presents a laid-back, West Coast vibe to the meditative tune. “A-1 has that kind of screwed-up, comic-book flow that made Kendrick Lamar a beloved, cult figure in rap even before Good Kid M.A.A.D City came out,” Stereogum stated on the track. “He’s splitting the difference between an Italian mother and a Senegalese father, so the fascinating way he morphs rhythms is solely his own.”

Check out Unpredictable (The Repo Man) from A-1 and be sure to check out the previously released Good People. Leave comments down below.

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