A-1 – There I Go (Audio)

A-1 – There I Go (Audio)

A-1 returns with a new hyphy inspired single titled There I Go. A-1 has a unique style which isn’t heard much in today’s Hip Hop. Only can be described as pure entertainment. Favorite lines:

“Everybody askin’ A-1 what’s your favorite meal/
Well if we West Coast then it’s a taco house/
And if it’s East Coast it’s the falafel house/
And if we Down South then it’s the waffle house/
But I rather eat that home cooked one on yo mama’s couch.”

Recently A-1 released the trailer to his upcoming project and before that he released the double video Doing The Most/Carry the Ghost. Read more about the new single here:

A-1 presents exuberant vocals and quirky bars in “There I Go,” rapping about fake shit making him look “poopy face,” using his free time to paint a mural, and doing after-school tutoring. In the track he declares, “I could teach class how to gas in this rap booth.” The slapping composition, driven by wet bass and hyphy claps, supports A-1’s goal to change the hip-hop game. The FADER recognized A-1 as a unique artist, stating, “A-1’s style has a similar kind of funny, free-for-all feel as post-Mac Dre rappers like [Roach] Gigz, but has a sly rap style that is distinctly his own.”

Listen to A-1‘s new single There I Go produced by Mr. Carmack. The new mixtape Thurlian drops March 5th.

A-1 - There I Go (Audio)

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