5 Toronto Hip Hop Blogs You Should Check Out

5 Toronto Hip Hop Blogs You Should Check Out

With the success of Drizzy Drake, the city of Toronto is bubbling for someone to follow in his footsteps. Although the city is a hot bed, most of the artists still haven’t got their just due shine yet. And quite possibly, it could be because you, as a consumer, aren’t aware of the artists and the music coming from Toronto. But don’t worry, Trillmatic.com has it all worked out for you. We put together a list of the top Toronto Hip Hop blogs, dedicated to pushing the rap scene of the 6.

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(This list is in no particular order and one isn’t ranked higher or lower.)

  1. TorontoRappers.com – One of the largest and most well-known websites dedicated to the Toronto Hip Hop scene is TorontoRappers.com. The site boasts a large following online and a crisp looking website that features all the up and coming artists coming out of Toronto. They also offer tons of advertising services you’d want to look into if you’re an artist looking for promotion. Check them out.

    torontorappers.com toronto hip hop blogs
  2. CityOnMyBack.com – Next on the list is CityOnMyBack.com. Another site dedicated to the Toronto Hip Hop scene, this site focuses on fresh new talent and stays true to the niche music blog style. Their tag line is simple and straight to the point – Toronto: This is Where We Live. Shout out to them for putting the city on their back.cityonmyback.com toronto hip hop blogs
  3. ThisIsWalder.com – A popular blog within the Toronto Hip Hop scene, this site focuses on what happens in Toronto as well as the Hip Hop artists coming up out of Toronto. You can find out more by visiting their site.thisiswalder.com toronto hip hop blogs
  4. HustleGRL.com – Karla Moy, the young beauty from Toronto has made a name for herself in the Toronto Hip Hop scene, and her site proves to be a stomping ground for new artists on the rise. She’s also a DJ in the city so she knows her shit homie. Check out her site.hustlegrl.com toronto hip hop blogs
  5. 1LoveTO.com – Another site that promotes the Toronto Hip Hop scene is 1LoveTO.com. But this site isn’t focused solely on Hip Hop. Their movement is to unify the city and culture and show the world they have something to offer. But we still like them anyway. So if you want to know what’s going on with the scene, be sure to check them out.1loveto.com toronto hip hop blogs
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