3 Xbox One Games Releasing in February that You Should Pick Up

3 Xbox One Games Releasing in February that You Should Pick Up

All major gaming consoles are poised for some stunning releases in February. PlayStation fans will be a tad happier because the list they are ardently looking forward to is longer and more exciting but Xbox one has its fair share as well. When we talk of exclusive games or franchises that are only available on Xbox platform, then you have reasons to be a tad disappointed. But if you factor in the games releasing on both Xbox and PS, then there is enough reason to rejoice.

3 Xbox One Games Releasing in February that You Should Pick Up

Here are 3 Xbox One games releasing in February that you should pick up (not an exclusive list):

  • Arslan will release on 9th Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is going to merge the story of Arslan with Dynasty Warriors. It is poised as one of the most anticipated games on both platforms. The fantasy world looks magical and although one may have expected a bit better graphics, the trailer may not be exactly what the game would look like on Xbox One. The controls make all the difference and the game seems to pack in some very interesting, almost magical stuff.
  • Alekhine’s Gun releases on the same day. The third-person stealth game is set during the Cold War with references to the Second World War. Crisscrossing between the two eras with flashbacks of WWII, the players will try to accomplish their classified missions in classic stealth mode.
  • Unravel is easily the cutest game up for release in February. The second Tuesday of the month seems to be chockablock with news games. Unravel is the story of Yarny, a tiny ball of fuzz, who has to reunite with the family. It has to struggle through the puzzling human world. A simple game but with complicated challenges, many are pegging it to be the underdog that will emerge triumphant by the time reviews are in.

There are many other games launching on both platforms. Far Cry Primal for one should be interesting as well.

If you are looking for exclusive Xbox One games, then you can resort to Cobalt, which releases on 2nd Feb. And you have Rocket League, also releasing in February but the exact date is not yet known. Cobalt with its shooting, dodging, punching and thrilling action should be one to watch out. Rocket League is not exactly an exclusive game since it is already on PS4 and would be debuting on Xbox One.

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