3 Things in the NFL that you think will happen but won’t

With the NFL season about to FINALLY kick off, let me tell you 3 things you think that will but won’t actually happen.


Seattle Seahawks 2013

A. Golden Tate meant a whole lot more than the receiving yards, blocking down field and punt returning for example.
B. Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond packed their bags, that was 2/5ths of the legion of boom and you never get better by subtraction when it comes to the defensive backfield.
C. Can you really count on Percy Harvin? I love to watch his highlights but the fact remains he never (and I mean never) plays 16 games. Everything is fine and dandy when you have your number one as an offensive weapon, but what happens when your number one weapon gets a headache?

2. Jadeveon Clowney is the real damn deal.

jadeveon clowney

I would have loved to have had the next YouTube/college hero. Everybody loved Tim Tebow in college but when the dudes chasing you don’t have to go to class the Monday after the game ish gets real. Jadeveon passed the preseason eye test. He’s as big, fast and as explosive as advertised.

3. Peyton’s pissed.

Peyton Manning 2012

P Man has got few things to accomplish in his prestigious career but proving he’s not a choke is one of them. I think he gets it done this year, ties his brother Eli and rides off into the sunset.

Don’t hold me to this list, cause I’ll deny it and act like I knew the Seahawks were gonna win the whole time..

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