3 PlayStation 4 Games Releasing in February that you should pick up!

3 PlayStation 4 Games Releasing in February that you should pick up!

2016 is going to be yet another great year for video games. Enthusiasts and fans can rejoice because there are some exciting new developments and the favorite franchises will continue to grow. Several games will have sequels and the gaming experience is going to be richer with substantial improvement in the quality of graphics. At least half a dozen games would release in February and that is for PlayStation 4 alone. If you factor in desktop and other gaming consoles, then there will be more than a dozen to choose. We are not even counting the insignificant launches or less popular franchises.

Given the past popularity and general proclivity, here are 3 PlayStation 4 games releasing in February that you should pick up.

3 PlayStation 4 Games Releasing in February that you should pick up!

Gravity Rush Remastered

Those who own PlayStation Vita may have already played Gravity Rush. It is one of the most popular games on the handheld console of Sony. Gravity Rush Remastered is going to release on 2nd February. The remastering is already being talked about and how great it would be. The significance of Vita may be put to doubt and Sony might be questioned as to if it is going to further neglect the Vita lineup but for PS4 players, this is an amazing development.


Unravel would release just a week after Gravity Rush Remastered. You should be able to become Yarny and find your way through the puzzling human world by 9th Feb. Catch the trailer and you would fall in love with the cuteness of the game. It is pretty but a demanding game that is not for everyone. The game also seems to be having enough winter elements in the world so it could be a nice warm Valentine’s week for gamers.

Far Cry Primal

Who doesn’t like realistic graphics and when it comes to as real as it can be, Far Cry Primal is going to be ranked very high on the list. Releasing on 23rd February, Far Cry Primal would make you do a somersault and head back to the prehistoric days, not the Paleolithic days however. From guns to beast mastery, from sophisticated weapons to animal hunting using nothing but what the cavemen had, it is a really nice switch. You would perhaps have a teleported feel with Far Cry Primal. And that is what makes the game one to watch out for.

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