3 Games to Pick Up on Xbox in April

3 Games to Pick Up on Xbox in April

Video games are one of the best ways to keep your mind entertained and to immerse you into a land of virtual reality. Xbox One was one of the most awaited consoles that fans from around the world lined up to buy. Now with their new releases available for April, you’ll have another reason to start getting back into gaming once again. Here are 3 of the most anticipated games that are dropping on Xbox One in April.

Quantum Break

quantum breal

As one of the main releases for April that is being talked about by gamers around the world, Quantum Break takes players into a realm that is hard to distinguish whether it’s a television show or a game. You’ll be able to take advantage of a fast-paced plot that is jam packed with action. Your main character has the ability to shape and bend time in order to get out of sticky situations and to stay alive. Against enemies you’ll experience a variety of epic moments. There is a personalized version of a TV show in the game that you can watch that will determine the type of actions that you take while you’re gaming. It truly is a unique and innovative take on your average action-adventure title.

DiRT Rally

dirt rally

What would any quarter video game release be without a brand new racing title for all of the car enthusiasts that also own a Xbox One? DiRT Rally is the newest racing game that you can choose to play either on your own or with friends. Straight out of the studios at Codemaster, players will be able to experience dirt rally racing in a brand new way. People that have had the opportunity to play the title suggest that the developers are branching back to their roots with the past DiRT games. Not only will you be able to pick it up for Xbox One but it’s cross-platform, including PlayStation 4 and PC as well.

Dark Souls III

dark souls 3

As one of the most anticipated titles for this entire year, once Dark Souls III was announced at E3, fans around the world started to prepare for this brand new battle. As the last installment of the Dark Souls franchise, you will encounter a brand new array of monsters and quests that are just as difficult as the previous titles. If you’re ready to tackle the death and gore that is generally associated with Dark Souls, the third installment will surely not disappoint.

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