Watch the first episode of FX’s ‘Atlanta’ starring Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino, also known by his government name as Donald Glover, stars in the new FX series Atlanta. Seems like it’s what the ATL movie should’ve been. Read more about the synopsis here:

The series opens with a confrontation between a man who kicks local rapper Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles’s car. Earn tries to mediate the situation and a stoned Darius feels déjà vù. Working a deadbeat job and trying to co-parent with Vanessa “Van”, Earn approaches Alfred, who is his cousin, about managing him since he has connections. Alfred sees Earn as a leech but Earn finds a way to get his song put on the radio. As they listen to the song, a man kicks Alfred’s car and a shooting occurs.

Watch the first full episode of FX’s Atlanta starring Donald Glover.

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